Our Goals

Our goal is to develop computational methods of drug discovery to treat age-associated chronic disease, e.g. Alzheimer’s disease. Drug discovery is long-lasting process with high ratio of failure. One key challenge to select the proper drug targets in an early stages. However, chronic diseases are often complex in causal mechanism and less likely to cure the disease by one or few targets. Therefore, we aim to develop computational methods for

  • Causal mechanisms of complex disease
  • Drug target discovery by computational modeling to disease data
    • Network-integrated drug discovery
    • Precision medicine drug target discovery
    • Synergistic/combinatorial drug discovery
    • AI- and Biomarker-based drug discovery
  • Computational evaluation to the potency of new drugs or new targets;
    • AI- and Biomarker-based drug evaluation
    • Pathway-based drug evaluation
    • Bioinformatics-based drug evaluation
  • High-throughput screening methods of drugs
    • Docking-based methods
    • AI-based methods

We develop new computational stratergies and methods to falicate drug discovery.

Our interests

  • New algorithm for network analysis
  • New algorithm for precision medicine
  • Early-stage target discovery methods
  • Methods to screen compounds
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic disease