I am trained on computational biology in CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology. As a research scientist, we worked in GSK for 3.5 years until GSK decided to close its R&D center in Shanghai. During this period, I work on drug discovery projects of Alzheimer’s disease. My duty included developing computational models to find new drug targets and to evaluate the pipeline targets. By collebrating with excellect people of different backgrounds, I more understood the process of drug discovery and came to realize the difficulties of new drug discovery of AD. I more believed that AD drug discovery needs some new thinkings. After working on HBV-related projects in J&J for six months, I decided to accept a academic position and started AD drug discovery projects…

The road is long and hard. We strict to it for future.

Work experience

  • 2018.4- Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai,China
  • 2017.9-2018.3 research scientist, Johnson&Johnson, Shanghai, China
  • 2014.3-2017.9 research scientist, GSK Shanghai R&D, Shanghai, China
  • 2011.9-2014.3 posdoc., Max Planck Institue for molecular genetics, Berlin, Germany